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Small but Experienced Breeders

We have owned and bred Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years in beautiful north Idaho.  We have shared our home and life with this incredible breed, but most importantly our love.  We average one litter of puppies a year.


Healthy, Happy Labs

Our females are OFA certified good or excellent and they get a full DNA health screen prior to breeding.  We only breed to stud dogs with like health clearances. Good temperaments are a must. We prefer the English type lab with the block head and sweet, devoted personalities.  Most of our dogs hunt, all our females retrieve and are excellent swimmers.


Our Mission

Our goal is to produce sweet, kind, trainable family members. Our puppies have become therapy dogs, shed retrievers, upland bird dogs, wetland retrievers, hiking companions or cuddly couch potatoes. Labs are so versatile and will accept and fit into whatever lifestyle or activity their family is involved in, and love it.

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